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May Springhead Social Impact🌎Align+

  • Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

  • Vineyard Wind, the nation's first commercial scale offshore wind farm received the federal green light. Located 15 miles off the southern coast of Martha's Vineyard, the massive project aims to power more than 400,000 Massachusetts homes and businesses, slash carbon emissions and create thousands of jobs.

  • 107-Year-Old Viola Fletcher Recounts Horror of Tulsa Race Massacre in Congressional Hearing.

  • 94 year old Sundarlal Bahuguna, founder of Chipko, one of the first recognized environmental movements to stop deforestation in India, died.

  • One year anniverary of the death of George Floyd. Polls in summer 2020 estimated that between 15 million and 26 million people had participated at some point in the demonstrations in the United States, making the protests the largest in U.S. history.

🛢️International Energy Agency Net Zero by 2050 "We are in a critical year at the start of a critical decade for these efforts," introducing the report Faith Birol Executive Director of IEA. By the end of 2021, governments should refuse to approve any new oil and gas fields, as well as any new unabated coal power plants.🌎 The International Energy Agency (IEA) is an international intergovernmental organization that was established in 1974.The IEA family is made up of 30 member countries, 8 association countries, and 3 accession countries. Its stated mandate is to maintain the stability of the international oil supply, although its mission has expanded in recent years to emphasize the promotion of renewable energy sources.

TOP 7 PRIORITY ACTIONS #1 ACTION ☀️Make the 2020s the decade of massive clean energy expansion #2 ACTION 🔬Prepare for the next phase of the transition by boosting innovation #3 ACTION 👷‍♀️👷‍♂️Clean energy jobs will grow strongly but must be spread widely #4 ACTION 🎯Set near-term milestones to get on track for long-term targets #5 ACTION 💰Drive a historic surge in clean energy investment #6 ACTION 🔥Address emerging energy security risks now #7 ACTION 🧑🏾‍🤝‍🧑🏼Take international co-operation to new heights NET ZERO BY 2050 REPORT

Learn 👩🏿‍🎓

  • If you had your doubts about the uptake of electric cars/trucks: Ford Takes in More Than 44,500 F-150 LIGHTNING (Electric Pick Up Truck) Orders in 48 Hours.

  • Biden signs Executive Order on Climate-Related Financial Risk

  • Some good reading Burst of Light by Audre Lorde

  • Shareholder activism continuing to make strides highlighted by As You Sow's successes:

    • 81% of DuPont shareholders want action on plastic pellet pollution! This vote is the highest ever shareholder vote on an environmental resolution opposed by company management. Pre-production plastic pellets are the 2nd largest source of ocean plastic pollution.

    • 98% of General Electric shareholders voted in support of the resolution on the company’s plans to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions across all its businesses. GE’s Board supported the resolution, an unusual and commendable move.

    • 60% of American Express shareholders supported the resolution to improve AmEx’s workforce diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) practices.

    • 54% of independent Berkshire Hathaway shareholders voted in favor of the resolution on its workforce DEI practices. (This was a 27%-in-favor vote; 54% after accounting for Warren Buffet’s own holdings.)

  • Three amazing women making change happen in three important and different yet overlapping ways:

    • Sallie Calhoun - #NoRegrats Initiative."I believe that we really can sequester carbon to mitigate climate change, increase diversity, and produce more nutritious food, while supporting thriving human communities. It is the work I can’t NOT do."

    • Deborah Frieze-Boston Impact Initiative. The Boston Impact Initiative has a unique role to play in the field of impact investing. The fund is focused on economic justice, which means that it invests in opportunity for all people—especially those most oppressed or abandoned by our current economic system—to lead a dignified and productive life.

    • Nathalie Molina Niño-LEAPFROG She is an entrepreneur, builder capitalist (at O³) and tech globalization veteran focused on high-growth businesses that benefit women and the planet. She is the author of , The New Revolution for Women Entrepreneurs (Penguin Random House, Tarcher Perigee) and serves as a Venture Partner at Connectivity Capital Partners. Molina Niño launched her first tech startup at the age of twenty and is the co-founder of Entrepreneurs@Athena at the Athena Center for Leadership Studies of Barnard College at Columbia University.


May likely named for the Roman goddess Maia, who oversaw the growth of plants. Maia was considered a nurturer and an earth goddess, which may explain the connection with this springtime month. Springtime is a great moment to start something new. It could be as easy as starting to follow someone with a different voice or perspective than yours. Two of mine are ohhappydani and Jimmy Chin on instagram. It could be in the news, on Twitter Tik Tok or joining a conversation on Clubhouse. May being tax month this year is also a great month to check out the Homeowner’s Guide to the Federal Tax Credit for Solar Photovoltaics. A 26% tax credit may be available. 🧾 We are almost halfway through the year. Have you thought about how well your bank, financial planner, investments, retirement savings align with your values? This month we are highlighting our collection of providers for all that is About You+🤳🏾. Like last month think about those services and ask yourself, are any of them women, black, indigenous or LGBTQ owned. Are they socially responsible? Do the owners and the company values align with yours? Stay tuned for next month. We will be including socially responsible providers of products and services tailored to you in our Business+🏦 collection.


About You + Apparel, Footwear, Accessories Automotive Sales & Repair Books & Media Catering & Meeting/Event Management Consumer Rewards Education & Training Providers Electronics Fine Arts Fitness & Wellness Centers Funeral Services Food & Beverage Home & Personal Care Hospitality Houseware, Home Furnishings & Accesories Jewelry Online Community Online Marketplace Photography Restaurant Sports Equipment, Toys & Accessories Telecommunications Travel & Leisure Do you interact with any of these types of providers? Are you wondering how can I find one that aligns with my values and things I care about? Well, they exist and we can help you find them.

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