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Sustain 2024🍃🌎

What sustainability means to you in 2024?

by Alexis McCarthy

You are:

 🌿 Someone who has recently begun to think about what sustainability is to you, those around you and the future. You are curious and want to learn more


🛡️You are running a non-profit to help make the world a better place and your donors and board are asking questions about sustainability, the environment, social and governance issues and you would like support addressing the questions


🏢You are an social entrepreneur that is working to make a positive impact while generating positive returns for you and your investors


💼You are a professional looking for a career in a new and growing field


🎭You are part of the creative economy and want help thinking about it in context to your field of work


💸You will be inheriting money from your family, or plan to build generational wealth on your own and want to take your own path that may be different from those that came before you in how you live, give, build and invest


👨‍👩‍👧‍👦You are the leader of a family foundation and you want the foundation to reflect your values not only in how it gives, but how it invests


🚜You have a family farm and want to begin to think and learn more about adaptive and regenerative agriculture practices


😀You are entering your second act, moving out of the paid workforce and want to consider contributing your time and talent to initiatives that contribute to more sustainable ecosystems


⚖️Equity is important to you and you want to live, consume, invest in a just manner


🤷🏽You are someone who is not sure what all the hype is about


A few first steps:

📖Begin your learning journey with trusted sources of information on sustainability. Talk about your journey with others. There is not a perfect or wrong path.


💸Understand how your consumption, money and personal choices play a role in combating climate change. It is not your sole responsibility to stop climate change. Systems need to change.


🗳️Stand behind candidates that support people and the planet.

Learn 👩‍🎓

Innovations, Innovators, Thought Leaders, Changemakers, New Ideas, New Frontiers 

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