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March Notables

  • International Women's Day- Women's History Month

  • H.R.1319 - American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 Signed into Law

  • George Floyd: Jury Selection Begins In Derek Chauvin's Murder Trial

  • Humanity’s Penchant To Waste Food is Trashing the Planet

UN: 17% of all food available at consumer levels is wasted🌎

Around 931 million tonnes of food waste was generated in 2019 61% came from households🏘️ 26% from food service🍽️ 13% from retail🥫

Learn 👩🏿‍🎓

  • Find out where women stand in the Global Workforce in 2021

  • Women Lead- Learn about this 17th century African Queen Njinga of Angola

  • Deb Haaland confirmed as first Native American Cabinet secretary in US History and will be secretary of the interior

  • Read about the stories and challenges faced by those Traveling Black

  • Conversations on Race- Listen to Emmanuel Acho's podcasts on Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man

  • Did you know that many cities across America have Police Oversight Commissions that aim to address police-related incidents? In fact, of the 50 largest U.S. cities, 88% have these commissions. But rarely do young people, especially young women, serve on these governing boards.

  • American Rescue Plan Act, the relief bill is the most significant legislation for Black farmers since Civil Rights Act, experts say $5 billion would go to farmers of color, who have lost 90 percent of their land over the past century because of systemic discrimination and a cycle of debt.


March is a great month to take a little extra time to think about the remarkable women in your life. My trifecta is my mother, sister and daughter. Women who have taught me to love, be courageous, and humble. Have you thanked🙏🏾 the important women in your life recently? Send a text, a card and/or tell them when you speak with them how they helped you. The end of the month is also the end of the first quarter of the year. Do you have a budget📒 in place for this year? Have you thought about your bank, financial planner, investments and whether they align with your values? This month we are including a new collection of providers for all that is Outside+🌲. Like last month think about those services and ask yourself, are any of them women, black, indigenous or LGBTQ owned. Are they socially responsible? Do the owners and the company values align with yours? Stay tuned for next month. We will be including socially responsible providers of products and services tailored to you in our About You+🙂 collection. PERSONAL VALUES ALIGNMENT WORK


Outside + Agricultural Services Animal Health Architecture/Design Planning Carbon Capture & Credits Contractors & Builders Design/Build Energy Efficiency & Consulting Environmental Remediation Facilities, Ground, Maintenance Forest Management Growers Landscaping Lawn Care Outdoor Pet Products Real Estate Development Recycling & Waste Management Renewable Energy Generation & Installation Storefront Sustainability Consulting Transportation & Logistics Waste Management Wildlife Services Do you interact with any of these types of providers? Are you wondering how can I find one that aligns with my values and things I care about? Well, they exist and we can help you find them.

If you want to learn more about socially responsible providers of these services and more, get in touch. If you have providers you love, love you and love our planet, please share them with us so we can spread the word. Best, Alexis

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