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A lot has happened since my last post. We have a new president-elect and the first woman of color as the vice president--elect. COVID has spiked again. Many families are struggling economically because of the pandemic. Families are having to decide whether or not to share the same table at Thanksgiving. Many are faced with mental health challenges because of the stress of our current environment. This image reminds me that through all the difficulties we face, setbacks and positives the sun rises and the sun sets. The natural world continues and so will ours. Keep, keeping on and doing what you do to love yourself, love others and love this planet we all inhabit together. Find joy and grace in the small things. I am giving thanks today and everyday for all that is good in the world and my ability to work to make it just a bit better. Wishing you, your families and all those close to you, all the best during this season of abundance.

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