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Eyes Wide Open-Take Stock-Own Your Impact

written by Alexis McCarthy Eyes Wide Open Today it is more difficult to ignore the link between action and consequences in the broader world. What is on display in Ukraine is a prime example. The first step is to take a step. There is a good chance it will be something outside your comfort zone. That is ok. Get comfortable feeling uncomfortable. Ask hard questions of yourself and don't be scared about the answers. Get ready to learn more about what you don't know and how that might help you, your business, and your local/ global community. Take Stock What do you know now? Have you heard of Scope 1,2,3 carbon emissions? Did you know that 77% of the soy, 61% of the corn and 20% of wheat grown globally is used to feed the animals we eat. Producing these crops rely on the use of fertilizers. Fertilizers require natural gas. The top 6 global providers of natural gas are USA, Russia, Iran, Qatar, China and Canada. Taking stock involves understanding the interconnectedness of our food chain and more. It is understanding the inputs so that we can be more deliberate about our choices. Own Your Impact We all have impact no matter what we choose to do. It is either positive or not so positive. Moving in a direction of positive impact begins with understanding that impact; how you move in the world. You get to decide. You are then responsible for those choices.

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  • Scope1,2,3 carbon emissions explained

  • Exxon's scope 3 global emissions 730 million metric tons in 2019 about the same as those for all of Canada

  • SEC disclosure rules signal the arrival of climate accountability


  • Plastic credit marketplace

  • Top 5 producers of CO2 globally

    • China (29%), USA (14%), India (7%), Russia (4.6%), Japan (3.4%)



  • Climate change and why it matters

  • Regenerative Agriculture

  • $150 Million Rhino Bond



March signals the start of spring and the end of the first quarter. It is never too late to open your eyes, take stock and understand your impact. You and the planet will be better for it.

If you want to learn more about ESG and Sustainability personally or professionally, get in touch. I would love to connect. Best, Alexis

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