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ESG Entry Points

Foundations, Businesses, Family Offices & Nonprofits

written by Alexis McCarthy

  1. Why ESG

  2. Agree on starting point

  3. Understand it is a journey

  4. Set goals

  5. Measure, track and share your progress

Foundations, business leaders, family offices and nonprofits are all hearing more in the news about climate, electric vehicles, clean energy, equity and sustainability. You may be a board member and thinking about your fiduciary responsibility, a business owner being asked by a client about your supply chain or a family office with your younger members asking about your approach to sustainability. Many nonprofits are looking to align values with actions. Whatever your reason, ESG is a welcoming continuum with an endless number of access points to fit your organization's needs. 1. Why ESG What we do today has an impact on the generations to come. We are a global community and own our responsibility in that community. We need to be aware of the impacts we have on the environment, socially and with how things are governed. ESG can be broadened to create a framework for us to understand our roles in the global society. 2. Agree on a starting point Begin where you are, as a board, a family, a business or a nonprofit. Work with your colleagues and stakeholders to agree on a starting point. It might be a listening tour. It might mean reading up on material relevant to your particular organization and where it intersects with sustainability. 3. Understand it is a journey Knowing this is a journey and not a sprint is half the battle. The issues affecting our planet did not start yesterday and they will not be fixed overnight. Awareness and understanding takes time. 4.Set goals Your goals are going to be uniquely yours based on where you are starting your journey. Set realistic goals and aspirational goals. Ensure that they are set collaboratively so everyone becomes a stakeholder and benefits from those goals being met. 5. Measure, track and share your progress It is often said if you can't measure it, you can't improve it. Others can learn from your process. It is important to share the good, the bad and the ugly. Transparency counts and lifting other businesses and organizations alongside yours creates exponential impact.

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November is the month of gratitude November 30th is Giving Tuesday. We celebrate and give thanks with friends, family, colleagues and community members. This is something we can hold onto all year round. Identifying your ESG factors will help you start that process and stick to it all year round. Start by being deliberate about your intention. Learn more and establish a sustainable, impact practice for yourself and your business. Your community and the planet will thank you.

If you want to learn more about ESG and Sustainability personally or professionally, get in touch. I would love to connect. Best, Alexis

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