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What is your professional relationship with 🌎ESG?


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What is your professional relationship with ESG?

written by Alexis McCarthy ESG and Sustainability is in the news. It may be a newspaper headline Solar Power in Australia Outstrips Coal Fired Electricity for the First Time or it may be context about unprecedented storms, high winds and damage, rain atop a mountain in Greenland, fires in the west or women’s fight for gender parity in the gaming industry. These are all stories taken from the news, but each of us live with the opportunity and responsibility of being aware of the ESG and sustainable choices we make or choose not to make professionally everyday. I run a start up business. Each day I choose to be aware of the impact of my business on the environment, community and businesses I work with. Starting a business is hard as anyone who has done it knows. Adding an extra layer of intention and positive impact can seem daunting. If you do it the right way, it is liberating. In any professional situation we need to start off with understanding our values and those of the organization we work for. Those personal and professional values, passions and intentions should be as closely aligned as possible. If you are starting your own business or managing a product or portfolio for a client you can ask yourself who am I looking to help, how and why? What problems am I solving? What positive impact is my business or are my services having? This is the assessment. Once your values and the values of your firm are established and aligned, the next step is to envision the work environment you want to create. Who do you want in the room with you as you create solutions? Where do the best ideas come from? What type of conditions are necessary for supportive innovation to thrive? This is implementation. To keep you and the organization from straying from the values and intentions you have identified and established, metrics should be put in place to track the good and the bad allowing for adjustments and improvements of processes along the way. This should be a dynamic system that grows, changes and improves as you and your business does. This is tracking. Assess, implement and track. These are core actions at the center of good ESG and sustainability policy in any organization. They are just as easy to put in place as any other process as long as they are thoughtful, intentional and consistent. With this approach you can be an effective, successful ESG and sustainable advocate, making positive change possible in your business or organization.



August is as good as any month to become intentional professionally. If you haven't done it before, take some time to get comfortable thinking more about it. There is a lot to learn and lots of opportunity for engagement. Enjoy! If you need any assistance in getting started, reach out. It would be great to connect.

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