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Start Up🔌Start Right✔️ESG right from the start

written by Alexis McCarthy

  1. Know your values

  2. Agree on ESG

  3. Embed ESG leadership

  4. Identify materiality

  5. Measure, track and report

Entrepreneurs, startup leaders, sole proprietors, consultants, advisors are in the business of business building. To do it right, you need to integrate ESG from the beginning. It may seem daunting. The start up check list is long. Trust me, this is one that will pay dividends from the very start. Starting off the right way creates a roadmap that will keep your business on track in all the ways that matter most. You will deliver triple bottom line results with people, planet and profits all accounted for. 1. Know your values Spend time understanding and outlining your values and the values of your business and cohort members. Determination, generosity, honesty, humility are some. This will set the tone for your business going forward and reflect the values that will grow with the people and your business. 2. Agree on what ESG means for your business ESG means different things to different people and people are teh single most valuable asset of your businesses. Determine your ESG factors and tolerance. Your business will depend on other businesses to succeed. Make sure you are aligned with your partners and vendors fromt he start. 3. Create an ESG knowledgeable leadership cohort Surround yourself with others that have knowledge in environmental, social and governance issues. The deeper and more diverse your bench the better.Multiple perspectives is valuable to every company. 4.Identify materiality unique to your business Together with these specialist you can identify ESG materiality (the quality of being relevant or significant) in your business and your partners. 5. Measure, track and report starting today Determine what to measure. Determine your impact guidelines and use one of the multiple frameworks available: the 17 UNSDG's or IRIS as examples. Follow your chosen framework and start tracking your impact. Share the news with your team and your clients.



October is the heart of fall and a few months away from year end. It is not too late to start thinking about how you want to align your values with how you run your business. With the the few months remaining until the beginning of the new year, you have time to research, learn and be ready to act in 2022. The benefit of the increased attention being paid to climate, sustainability and impact is that more than ever before resources are available to access information. This holiday season think about support and gifts in kind for local organizations your business and its partners. Less products, more intention.

If you want to learn more about ESG and Sustainability personally or professionally, get in touch. I would love to connect. Best, Alexis

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